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Do you have a desire to help others? 

Are you interested in giving to your community? 

Are you interested in pursuing a career in the health profession?


Whether you're already a health professional or if you're interested in becoming a health professional, we have opportunities for you. The membership of our organization comes from a variety walks of life including established health professionals, law enforcement personnel, accountants, secretaries, graphic designers, truck drivers and housewives. EMS field is for everyone!

Brentwood EMS is proud to maintain a strong core of volunteers along with paid staff. These volunteers allow us to supplement our professional staff while providing 24 hour emergency care to the community.

Our service has several membership classifications available including junior members, volunteer medical, paid professionals and volunteer associates.

JUNIOR MEMBERS - Available to individuals between the ages of 16 to 18. This division allows teenagers to begin experiences in the medical field while obtaining certifications in Emergency Medicine. This also assists teenagers in making life decisions in regards to education and career.

VOLUNTEER MEDICAL - Open to individuals over the age of 18 who would like to obtain emergency medical training or currently hold EMT or Paramedic certifications.

PAID PROFESSIONAL -  EMT's or Paramedics who are looking for full-time or part-time employment opportunities.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS - This membership is for those individuals who wish not in be in the medical field but have a desire to contribute expertise’s to the service. Associate members assist us with business aspects such as our subscription drive, fund raising and public relation programs. Many of our associate members have gone on to obtain medical training and become active in providing patient care.

Benefits for all members include educational opportunities in the classroom along with field experiences and uniforms being provided at no cost to the individual. Paid professionals are offered competitive wages and health care package.

Our organization has been a stepping stone for many individuals who have gone on and pursued careers as EMT's. Paramedics, nurses, and physicians. What better way to see if medicine is for you than trying it first as a volunteer?

If you're interested in our membership come in for an observation program with the medical crews. Observation shifts can be scheduled by contacting the Director and/or Operations Supervisor.

Download a membership application here and forward along with the required paperwork to:

Brentwood EMS
3624 Brownsville Road
Pittsburgh, Pa 15227
ATT: Joanne Cook


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