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Brentwood Subscription     

Subscribing to Brentwood EMS protects you in the event of an emergency when you may require an ambulance.  Your subscription assures that you will  never receive additional out-of-pocket expenses for emergency ambulance service provided by Brentwood EMS regardless of your insurance coverage.  Most insurance plans will not cover 100% of expenses incurred for ambulance service.  If your insurance company reimburses any portion of the bill, we accept it as payment in full.  However, if the insurance company denies the claim for any reason, the subscriber will not be charged anything further for emergency service provided.

      Brentwood Emergency Medical Service reserves the right to bill any available third party billings.   It is the subscriber’s responsibility to forward any insurance payments that they receive to Brentwood Emergency Medical Service.  Non-compliance with this will result in a bill and termination of membership without reimbursement of fees.

      In addition to you saving out-of-pocket expenses, your subscription fee directly supports the operating expensed incurred to provide 24 hour a day emergency service to you and your neighbors.   Your subscription fee also helps us purchase and maintain the latest up-to-date medical equipment and training.


Membership Rates

Individuals $45.00

Household $60.00

Business $75.00 - $150.00


For further information call our business office at 412-884-8740


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